Do you have trouble seeing objects either close up or far away? If your eyesight is fading, you might experience headaches, blurry vision or dry eyes. Prescription eyeglasses will help you see clearly. Visit Dr. Jason Eugenides at Vanderbilt Optical in Naples, Florida, for a professional eye exam. His staff can then help you select the right pair of stylish eyeglasses to help you see clearly.

Do I need eyeglasses?

The best way to determine whether you need eyeglasses is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Eugenides for a comprehensive eye exam. Each patient experiences vision problems differently, but here are some common symptoms that can signal the need for eyeglasses:

  • Poor night vision, particularly when driving
  • Fatigue or eye strain after reading or using a computer
  • Halos, spots, or flashes of light in the corners of your eyes
  • Frequent squinting or blinking
  • Recurring headaches

You may also notice that you can’t read road signs or close-up text or that you aren’t able to focus quickly.

How do I get eyeglasses?

Getting eyeglasses starts with an eye exam at Vanderbilt Optical. Dr. Eugenides will test your eyesight and also assess the health of your eyes.

Based on your ability to identify words and letters with each eye, he can tell if you are nearsighted or farsighted. Nearsighted means you can see something easily when you’re close to it, but you have trouble seeing objects that are far away. If you’re farsighted, the opposite is true: You have clear vision when looking at distant objects but blurry vision when viewing something close.

The clarity of each eye corresponds to a specific number, and these numbers make up your vision prescription. Once you have your prescription, we can help you pick out a pair of eyeglasses that will then be fitted to match your prescription.

What are the benefits of eyeglasses?

While many people today opt for contact lenses, eyeglasses are still effective and convenient for many patients. You can switch between eyeglasses and contacts, or you can use glasses exclusively.

Glasses are generally less expensive than contact lenses, and they are easier to remove and put back on multiple times during the day. Unlike contacts, glasses are less likely to irritate your eyes or cause dryness. Glasses also protect your eyes from foreign objects, like pollen or dust.

The best part about eyeglasses is you can show your style. You can choose from various designer frames to find the perfect fit for your face and personality. You can also change up your look with different frames.

To learn more about eyeglasses at Vanderbilt Optical, schedule an appointment with Dr. Eugenides today by calling the office or booking online.